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Cenk Enhoş (aka Jöntürk) was born in Istanbul. Soon after his early studies he moved to Canada to continue his education, where he bought his first record and continues to do so passionately in many different realms of music. Trying to touch on many different genres, he chooses to center his interest in Jazz and Nujazz, later on blending this with Afro-Latin beats and finally experimenting altogether with the electronic sounds of the future generation. After his early Djing experiences in various venues in Canada, he moved to Shanghai/China, where he had two residencies and maintained guest shows for four years. Currently he lives in Istanbul and continues to spread the love playing records.This selection can be considered as a tribute to NuJazz and especially to Schema records.Enjoy!!! [PLAY] Tracklist:
  1. S-Tone Inc - Negro - Schema 12''
  2. Føn:Kïn Feat. Mad Fam'lee - Monticello (Open Air) - Compost 12'' 

  3. The Dining Rooms - No Problems (7 Samurai Instrumental Mix) - Schema 12'' 

  4. The Juju Orchestra - Kind Of Latin Rhythm - Agogo CDR 

  5. Yasuko Agawa - Surrender (Gira Mundo Remix) - Flower Records 12'' 

  6. Bitter:Sweet - Heaven (Buscemi's Afrobossa Remix) - Quango Records 12''
  7. Beat Out Shrine - Pinkie - Schema 12''
  8. Toco - Guarapiranga (Gerardo Frisina Dub) - Schema 12'' 

  9. The Dining Rooms - Thin Ice (Paolo Fedreghini & Marco Bianchi Remix) - Schema 12'' 

  10. Paolo Fedreghini & Marco Bianchi - Oriental Smile (A Way of Life Mix) - Schema 12'' 

  11. Christian Prommer's Drumlesson - Beau Mot Plage - Sonar Kollektiv CDR
Here we have a genuine rap podcast. But, is it just about rap? Talking about a rap session would be like talking about music because we know how this really means talking about an immensity of musical genres, families and historical moments. In other words, a world as diverse and individual as each listener might be. And this is exactly what transpires this delicious podcast, signed by someone who has made signature and imagination his artistic reason to be: Posk. I invite you to visit his Myspace to understand why good taste does not download from Emule. It’s 14 tracks which repeat some of the artists upfront and behind to build a walk of personal tastes (Posk’s, obviously) and also a way to understand rap music (what some tacky people would call “alternative”), related to high doses of musicality and whispering more than shouting. In other words, starting off with Little Brother is a statement in complicities, and closing down with Pharcyde too. It’s talking about intelligence, own discourse and unique concepts which added to the ones from Tribe Called Quest, Dream Warriors or Funkdoobiest talk about a lot of things, other music, and eventually good times in hip hop key. And that is a true bliss. [PLAY]
  1. Little brother - Home
  2. Son doobie - Wonderful world
  3. A tribe called quest - Find the way
  4. Funkdoobiest - Funk´s on me
  5. Naugthy by nature - Fell me flow
  6. Little brother - Wathever you say
  7. Funkdoobiest - The Anthem
  8. A tribe called quest - Hot 4 you
  9. Little brother - Star ship
  10. Dream Warriors - California dream
  11. Onyx - Last dayz
  12. Dj Krush feat Mos def - From dj.krush
  13. The Pharcyde (Jay dee remix) - She said
  14. The Pharcyde - Clouds
[PLAY] Soulevation it's a small selection of pieces in between jazz and prayer, compositions signed by great jazz artists such as Abdullah Ibrahim, Archie Shepp, Max Roach and Alice Coltrane who actively searched for the connection between conscience, politics and music in their work. Pieces that either for their religious conviction, intimacy or their sense of spiritual epic achieve to spread into us great humanity and delicacy (beyond or not its religiopus or political creeds). A work that remains active in groups like Bulid An Ark or the hugely unknown Chris Joris, and the exceptional saxophonist Ear Anderza who was well worth a single labum: Outa Sight. Souls in transit for awaken ears.
  1. Chris Joris (Songs For Mbizo, Jazz'halo) .“Song For Mbizo – part two”
  2. Abdullah Ibrahim (Banyana, Enja).“Ishmael”
  3. Max Roach His Chorus And Orchestra (It's Time, Impulse!) .“Lonesome Lover”
  4. Archie Shepp (The Cry Of My People, Impulse!) “A Prayer”
  5. Build An Ark (Dawn, Kindred Spirits) .“When Ancestors Speak”
  6. Alice Coltrane (Translinear Light, Impulse!) .“Translinear Light”
  7. Earl Anderza (Outa Sight, Pacific Jazz) . “Outa Sight”
[PLAY] Focuz is the man and the talent behind one of the few events truly committed to underground music and contemporary eclectic sounds in Madrid: the Black Book Sessions. A real struggle (for them) but an ultimate joy for the music lovers in the Spanish capital, since they have brought a first class selection of artists from all around the world, and they still are with a new location for various activities in the Club Charada. This context is necessary in the sense of the selection created for Dowtong by Focuz: being the host and regular opener of their sessions he has cooked for us a romantic, mellow but firm menu. Blue skies, high spirits: just what we love about Madrid. In the memory of soulful beats and alchemy stablished by the late J Dilla the tracks summoned here inspire and elevate an ordinary journey into the lights and shadows of an urban life. From the sweet tales of love and broken hearts by the revisionist Mayer Hawthorne to the 80's fulled synths by Dâm Funk, and no less than eight tracks by Dilla's own creations this caribbean rose comes full of flesh and bones. Caribbean Rose (with special attention to J Dilla) by Focuz
  1. Mayer Hawthorne - Prelude
  2. Count Bass D - New Edition Karaoke
  3. J Dilla - Don't Cry
  4. Mayer Hawthorne - When I Said Goodbye (demo)
  5. J Dilla - Stop
  6. J Dilla - King
  7. Georgia Anne Muldrow - Mommah B
  8. J Dilla - Glamour Sho75
  9. J Dilla - Anti-American Graffiti
  10. J Dilla - Time - The Donut Of The Heart
  11. J Dilla - 10,000 Watts
  12. J Dilla - Expensive Whip
  13. DJ Mitsu The Beats - Promise In Love
  14. Q-Tip - Gettin' Up (main)
  15. Grand Pianoramax feat Spleen & Celena Glenn - The Hook (dj spinna vocal rmx)
  16. Wajeed - Jeedo Suave
  17. Dâm-Funk - Killdatmuthafu*ka
  18. Waajeed - Funkin' For Jamaica
  19. The Louie Gee Ensemble - Scrabble (dj mitsu the beats rmx)
  20. (bonus)Money Mark - Sometimes You Gotta Make It Alone
  1. Channel Two. "S`Posed to be" (feat Jay Jones).
  2. Monodeluxe. "Get down with it".
  3. Presto. "Bring it live".
  4. Dj Vadim. "You are yours" (feat Yarah Bravo).
  5. J Boogie. "Revolution" (Vadim remix).
  6. Lifesavas. "Gutterfly"
  7. Funky DL. "The Lonfon Convention" (feat Various).
  8. Voice. "Baby boy".
  9. Tek 9. "Keep it hot". (Electronic).
  10. Sugahspank!. "Blush?".
  11. Kero One. "When the sunshine comes" (feat Ben Westbeech).
  12. Panacea. "Flashback to stardom" (dj Spinna remix).
  13. Soul evidence. "Evidence".
  14. Jurassic 5. "In the house".
  15. Swell Session. "This time" (feat Capitol A).
  16. Aqeel. "Nasty".
  17. Soulchemistry. "Cosmic Party Sound" (feat Yosua),Original mix.
- Artwork: Ram0n3 Graphics
Summer comes and my mind travels to a different reality. A time for soulspiration, daydreaming, memories from the future and birth from the past. Everything turns natural and innocent: but we are not. Our mind continues with the recurrent flow of music and thought, and we look ahead for some precious time for detail listening. Headphones on, brains clicked in and open hearts. This selection blows out like a watermelon jam, hopefully in order and taste. Present and past connected by “dog-knows” what: probably only me. These are a bunch of songs I would take with me with a certain sense of a playlist, or a beachside suite (note I avoided the obvious chill out, reggae, cocktail house tracks). From the amazing favorite Danish locos Analogik and their must have live album, we sail through tasty French waters in the savoir faire hands of Chinese Man and Dj Cam: two excellent examples of why hip-hop does not suck in France. And 40 winks push on with the European edge: clean instrumentals which do not sacrifice quality aspirations. And I am the first one to amaze myself linking to the Kruder & dorfmeister remix of Beanfield to finally detach ourselves from the downtempo gardens. How? Cut to the amazing Suite For Ma Dukes’ EP created by Carlos Niño and Miguel Atwood. Strings and pure emotion to open a certain interlude in our walk. I’m a big fan of the big band (although that line sounds like a joke). Bob Mintzer has dedicated a big chunk of his career to build a sound of pure brass and funk with his big band. “Minuano”, a classic by Pat Metheny is translated into words and voice by Mister Kurt Elling –what a vooooice -. Then comes another slice of European mastery: Jimi Tenor. And although his new project with Kabu Kabu is a sort of cosmic afro scapade his heart remains rooted in Sun Ra and fun dark jazz. So, how do I move from Finland to forro lover Dj Dolores in Brazil? Contrast and my poor altered mind. But I truly adore Dolores’ global taste for bastard Brazilian music away from easy samba. His tracks seem to be perfedct for any session or list where you need to change tone radically. And so funny! So for a moment a lay down a couple of smooth mixes with my latest sunny soul track: “The Difference” from 2009’s discovery, Smoove & Turrell. And then Leon Ware from his overlooked latest album Moon Ride. Time for the last push: Greyboy’s track leads the way to a sort of suburbia jazz, soul and rap finale. Jazzliberatorz are one of the top jazz&rap recipes who have remained true to the original sound with such delicacy and style that few others have achieved. And dirty Diggers with Nostalia 77 are just mad and funny: bad boys with brass. The end to the sound of miles Davis’ “So What” in the original result created by the guests in bob Belden’s project miles From India. Pass me the marmalade honey!
  1. Analogik - “The Beat” - (from the album Klunserbeats)
  2. Chinese Man - “Eight y Cinco” - (from The Groove Sessions)
  3. Dj Cam - “Summermadness” - (from Lost & Found)
  4. 40 winks -“Winks Jazz” - (from The Lucid Effect)
  5. BeanfieldRichard Dorfmeister belvedere dub” - “Planetary Deadlock” - (From K&D Rarities)
  6. Carlos Niño& Miguel Atwood - “Antiquity” – (from Suite For Ma Dukes)
  7. Bob Mintzer Featuring Kurt Elling - “Minuano” - (from Swing Out)
  8. Jimi Tenor & Kabu Kabu - “Triple Helix” - (from 4th Dimension)
  9. Dj Dolores - “J.p.s.” - (from 1 Real)
  10. Smoove & Turrell - “The Difference”- (from Antique Soul)
  11. Leon Ware - “From Inside” - (from Moon Ride)
  12. Greyboy - “Ruffneck Jazz” – (from 15 Years of West Coast)
  13. Jazz Liberatorz + Fatlip + Tré Hardson + Omni - “Easy My Mind” – (from Clin D’Oeil)
  14. Dirty Diggers feat Nostalgia 77 - “So Grown Up” - (from One Offs Remixes and B Sides)
  15. Miles From India - “So What”
- Artwork: Ram0n3 Graphics
  1. Elektrons - Get up.
  2. Dj Static - Mr. Fantastic.
  3. All Good Funk Alliance - Super Jam (Flow Dynamics Remix).
  4. Jungle Brothers - Beacuse I like it that (Ultimatum mix).
  5. Jaguar - That's your problem baby.
  6. Boca 45 - Down to Mexico.
  7. Aldo Vanucci & Feature Cast- Make you happy.
  8. Lack of afro - The outsider.
  9. Mekon - Skool's out.
  10. Smoove & Turrell - I can't give you up.
  11. Li'l Louis & The Party - Clap your hands.
  12. Chriss Joss - Lesson one.
  13. Downstair Project - Bulletproofingers (Jayl funk Remix).
  14. Black Market Audio - Capricorn.
- Artwork: Ram0n3 Graphics
  1. Up Bustle & Out - Revolutionary Woman... Part 1 - Ninja tune
  2. Hydroponic Sound System - Shu Bop Shu Bop - Alternate take
  3. Hydroponic Sound System - Lagos Michigan - Alternate take
  4. Waxolutionists - Restored - Klein records
  5. Dj Irk - Round 1 fight - Shred
  6. The bamboos - Get in the scene (Inst) - Tru troughts
  7. Spark Arrester - Jazz Pearl (Blend remix) - Castablast
  8. Flevans - The greeting song (Rephraseremix) - Jack to phono
  9. Albin Janoska - Stereo funny - Klein records
  10. Groove armada - Raisin´the stakes - Jive
  11. Marc mac present Visioneers - Funkbox remix - BBE
  12. Thievery Corporation - Liberation Front - ESL Music
  13. Hydroponic Soundsystem - Percy Keeps his disco dubby - Alternate take
  14. Mocean worker - Shamma Lamma Ding Dong - Jazz & Milk Germany
  15. Tal M klein - Houston Brownwater Moccasins (Qdup foundationremix) - Aniligital US
  16. Watch TV & The Primetimes - Voodo Royale (Thunderball & Fort Knox 5 - HiTop
  17. Leisure allstars - Get your hands in the air (Inst) - Unique germany
  18. The Jazzinvaders - "Up & Out (Tim Wood remix) - Unique Germany
  19. Mo´Horizons - Drum´N Boogaloo(Fort Knox 5 Latin Funk Bomb) Stereo deluxe
  20. Elizabeth Sepherd - Reversed (Circle research demo vers) - Do right music
- Artwork: Ram0n3 Graphics